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Major Grant Announced in support of Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

UCCLF Media Release, August 7, 2009

Further demonstrating his commitment to the Ukrainian Canadian community, the Honourable John Yaremko has pledged $100,000 over the next five years in support of the work of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation. Speaking on behalf of Mr. Yaremko, his friends, Bill and Rose Sametz, confirmed that the former Ontario cabinet minister and recent recipient of the Paul Yuzyk Award for Multiculturalism, who has long admired UCCLF for the work it has done in recalling Canada's first national internment operations and in promoting a better understanding of the genocidal Great Famine of 1932-33 in Soviet Ukraine (the Holodomor) has authorized this grant. These monies will be used to further the Foundation's research, educational and community efforts, in particular by helping make it possible for students and younger professionals or those with more limited means to become engaged in various UCCLF initiatives across the country. Speaking for the UCCLF, its chair, Edmonton's Marko Kachmar, commented: "The generosity demonstrated by Mr. Yaremko in support of the UCCLF's work is truly remarkable. He has already given so much of himself to our community, yet here he is again making significant resources available to sustain our educational and community work for many years to come. "On behalf of all of the students and community builders who will be able to take advantage of these funds, I would like to thank Mr. Yaremko and Rose and Bill Sametz for helping us forge ahead. Many more Canadians and others will come to better understand not only the Ukrainian experience in Canada, but also what happened to Ukrainians in the homeland during the 20th century. It will be in large measure thanks to the foresight and munificence of Mr. Yaremko. He is truly a Canadian and a Ukrainian nation-builder."


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