UCCLF hallows the sacrifices and service of the thousands of Ukrainian Canadian men and women who enlisted in the armed forces of our country.


UCCLF hallows the sacrifices and service of the thousands of Ukrainian Canadian men and women who enlisted in the armed forces of our country. In particular, we recognize those who volunteered for overseas service during the Second World War and who, in England, organized the Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen's’ Association (UCSA) and a “London Club” (at 218 Sussex Gardens, London). Some of their number- the sons, daughters and grandchildren of Canada’s Ukrainian pioneer-settlers - remained in Europe to help save Ukrainian political refugees and Displaced Persons (DPs), organizing the Central Ukrainian Relief Bureau (CURB) with the financial support of the Ukrainian Canadian Relief Fund (UCRF) and United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC).


Tens of thousands of DPs and victims of the war eventually rebuilt their lives in Canada, the USA, Australia and across Europe - the parents or grandparents of many of us - becoming a diaspora that never gave up on the cause of Ukraine’s freedom and persisted in reminding the world of the crimes against humanity and genocide perpetrated by the Soviet and Nazi occupation regimes in Ukraine. Those who saved these DPs were, as Flight Lieutenant G. R. B. Panchuk once described them, “ the heroes of their day.” Fittingly, we shall honour them with a commemorative stained glass window where these brave men and women once had their HQ. A unique project that honours those who served and those they saved.

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The artist's image of the commemorative stained glass window to be installed at St. James's Parish, Paddington, London, England, once conditions allow.

The UCCLF will be reaching out to surviving veterans, their families and descendants by mailing some 3,500 postcards (pictured) across Canada and internationally, calling attention to the importance of this date and the contributions of Ukrainian Canadians in uniform.

Given the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic in England and around the world, the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation (UCCLF) and its partners have postponed the unveiling of a memorial stained-glass window in London, originally scheduled for May 8, 2020 – the 75th anniversary of V-E (Victory in Europe) Day.

Over the past several years, the UCCLF team has worked hard to ensure that the service and sacrifices of the thousands of Ukrainian Canadians who served overseas during the Second World War, and Ukrainians who did likewise in the armed forces of the other Allied powers, would be recalled on this historic date. 


Commenting, UCCLF’s chairman, Borys Sydoruk, said:


"Obviously, we are disappointed at not being able to witness the unveiling of this commemorative stained-glass window on May 8. Other possible dates are now being considered, public health and safety considerations permitting. In the meantime, we will be reaching out to surviving veterans and their families by mailing some 3,500 postcards across Canada and internationally, calling attention to the importance of this date and the contributions of Ukrainian Canadians in uniform. We have also organized publication of a half-page notice in the May 8 edition of The Globe and Mail,  recalling how these men and women volunteered for service overseas, demonstrating their loyalty to Canada by defending our way of life. Some veterans then remained in Europe for several more years, helping to save Ukrainian Displaced Persons (DPs) from forcible repatriation to the Soviet Union. Those victims of Nazi and Communist tyranny were eventually resettled across the free world, helping to strengthen the Ukrainian diaspora we are part of today, whether we live in England, the USA, Australia, western Europe or here in Canada. And many of us are the children and grandchildren of the very same political refugees these Canadian Ukrainians rescued. Simply put, we would not be here today if it were not for the men and women in uniform who saved the DPs. So, on May 8, the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, V-E Day, we call upon our friends and supporters across Canada, and indeed around the world, to remember the Ukrainian Canadians who were the  'heroes of their day'."

The Globe and Mail Commemorative Notice, May 8, 2020

Bulava Level, Donations $25,000 or more

Funded, in part, by the Shevchenko Foundation, Ukrainian Canadian Veterans Fund and the Temerty Foundation

Gold Level, Donations $10,000 to $24,999

BCU Foundation - Toronto, Ontario

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Anonymous - Toronto, Ontario

Eugene & Ola Cholkan - Toronto, Ontario

Anonymous - Mississauga, Ontario

Julia Kinar - Hamilton, Ontario

League of Ukrainian Canadians, Edmonton Branch

Nadia Luciuk - Kingston, Ontario

Lieutenant Colonel Mary Romanow (Retired), Orleans, Ontario                          in honour of BGen Joseph Romanow & Lt Josephine Sawchuk

Barry & Pat Slusarchuk, Calgary, Alberta

Lieutenant General Paul Wynnyk (Retired), Sherwood Park, Alberta

    in honour of Captain Walter Wynnyk and Flight Sgt. William Wynnyk

St. Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Men's Club, St. Paul, Alberta

The Ukrainian Self Reliance Association, Calgary Branch, Alberta

Ucrainica Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario

Ukrainian Canadian Benevolent Society of Edmonton, Alberta

Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Calgary

Ukrainian Credit Union Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Ukrainian War Veterans Association of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Veterans Affairs Canada

Bronze Level, Donations $100 to $999

Elaine Holowach-Amiot & Paul Amiot, Calgary, Alberta

Anonymous - Toronto, Ontario

Albert & Olga Boykiw, Calgary, Alberta

Peter & Mary Charuk, Calgary, Alberta

Alexandra Chyczij - Toronto, Ontario

Tetiana Dzulynsky - Toronto, Ontario

Anonymous - Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Andrey Cybulsky - Montreal, Quebec

Anonymous - Morristown, New Jersey

Anonymous - Ottawa, Ontario

Luba Fedorkiw - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr. Jaroslaw & Olya Grod - Etobicoke, Ontario

Anonymous - Vancouver, British Columbia

Andriy & Paula Harasymiw, Edmonton, Alberta

Natalia Harasymiw - Edmonton, Alberta

Borden & Anita Hasiuk, Tilbury, Ontario

Martin Hryniuk - Prud'homme, Saskatchewan

Anonymous - Calgary, Alberta

Anonymous - Calgary, Alberta

Petro Jacyk Education Foundation, Mississauga, Ontario

Victor Lishchyna - Toronto, Ontario

Professor Lubomyr Luciuk, Kingston, Ontario

Andrea Malysh, Vernon, British Columbia

Jim Maclean - Toronto, Ontario in honour of Bohdan Hubicki

Anonymous - Edmonton, Alberta

Mrs. Jean Mekitiak, Calgary, Alberta

Mark Minenko, Edmonton, Alberta

North Winnipeg Credit Union Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tony Pidkalenko - Stratford, Ontario

Inna Platonova - Calgary, Alberta

George & Suzanne Popadynec - Gloucester, Ontario

Mark Preston-Horin, Victoria, British Columbia

Michael & Katherine Pyniansky, Angus-Borden, Ontario

Gregory Mursky - Mequon, Wisconsin

Olga Pankiw-Petty - Toronto, Ontario

Alexandra Sawchuk - St. Catharines, Ontario

Dr. Amil Shapka - St. Paul, Alberta

Maria Shysh - Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Ihor Stebelsky, Windsor, Ontario

Rev. Fr Jeffrey Stephaniuk, Wynyard, Saskatchewan in honour of William Stephaniuk

Borys & Donna Sydoruk - Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Bernie & Mary Ann Trischuk - Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Nicholas A. Turinski, Ottawa, Ontario

Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Vernon Branch, British Columbia

Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Calgary Collection UWAC, Calgary, AB

Chris & Tara Van Kampen, Calgary, Alberta

Jerry Woloschuk - Dundas, Ontario

Darene Roma Yavorsky, Kincardine, Ontario, in memory of Pavlo & Leona Yavorsky

Roman Zakaluzny, Ottawa, Ontario

Roman & Irene Zakaluzny, Calgary, Alberta

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Irena Bell - Ottawa, Ontario

Andrey Genyk-Berezowsky - Etobicoke, Ontario

Anonymous - Langley, British Columbia

Jurij Darewych - Mississauga, Ontario

Vera & George Kap, Akron, Ohio

Anonymous - Milton, Ontario

Victoria Karpiak - Ottawa, Ontario

Walter Kish, Oshawa, Ontario

Bohdan Luhovyy - Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

Vera Malanczyj - Toronto, Ontario

Anonymous - Edmonton, Alberta

Anonymous - Mississauga, Ontario

Anonymous - Ottawa, Ontario

Taras & Larissa Podilsky - Edmonton, Alberta

Vincent Rees, Edmonton, Alberta

Ronald Sorobey - Ottawa, Ontario

Katherine Sydoruk - Calgary, Alberta

Mykhailo Rohatynsky - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


St James's Church, Sussex Gardens, London, May 8, 2020 Invitation 






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